Wishers and Dreamers Sewing Team

We can only accomplish all that we do through our amazing network of skilled volunteers. It truly is a team effort!
One volunteer group, “Sewing with Heart” senior sewing group, located in Irvine, CA, has been sewing  gowns for Wishers and Dreamers from the beginning. They generously volunteer their time and skills. The Sewing with Heart team has made over 600 gowns for children all over the world.
Many other individual and group volunteers have worked diligently to hand-craft gowns, tailored to our children's (and their family's) request for a special gown. Please visit our Wishers and Dreamers Facebook Page where we love to showcase many of our wonderful volunteers.
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July 2013 - First gown sent to Mattie G. in the State of Georgia
August 2013 - First gown sent internationally to Casey in New Zealand
November 2014 - 1,000th gown sent
March 2015 - 2,000th gown sent
December 2015 - 501(c)(3) approved
July 2016 - 3,000th gown sent
January 2017 - 4,000th gown sent
July 2017 - 5,000th gown sent
November 2019 - 10,000 gowns sent


"Our oldest daughter is as strong as they come, never complains. She's 17yrs old & a sophomore in college. Although she hadn't said much, she took the gown to college with her on her bears that have specially sewn bilateral clefts like she has. This is a pic from her last surgery, I'll look for a pic of her bed in the dorm."


"Damien got his batman gown for his monkey today! Perfect timing as we will be flying to the hospital for tests on Monday. He's very excited Monkey will have a gown just like him. Thank you!'

Our Mission:
We know that many children spend their time in hospitals, clinics, and germ free environments. Many children with disease, illness, or a disabling medical condition are unable to play outside. Their doll or bear may be their best friend. Therefore, our mission is to provide, free-of-charge*, a hospital gown for their doll, bear, or little buddy. All gowns are handmade with love by the Wishers and Dreamers, family, and friends.
*Thanks to our generous donors!
Contact Details:
Pamela Babek

Wishers and Dreamers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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